Peak Health Radio show has been airing for 6 weeks now on the Voice of Vashon, KVSH, 101.9 FM.  These are the topics of the 6 episodes that have aired:

Secrets to Vitality, Part 1
Secrets to Vitality, Part 2
Irritable Bowel Syndrome:  The Scoop on Poop, Uncovering the Cause of Your IBS
Autoimmune Disease – The Disease I Didn’t Know I Had
Osteoporosis – Going Beyond Calcium, Part 1
Osteoporosis – Going Beyond Calcium, Part 2

While Claire Denise and I are working on more shows, these episodes will repeat.  For those of you who missed them, you can still listen!

Thursdays at 11am with the repeat on Sunday at 9am.

In addition, you can always go to our page on the Voice of Vashon and listen to the archived shows!

And please, pass it along to someone you know who may want to listen!