Enjoy eating again, feel comfortable in your body, and gain freedom from Irritable Bowel Syndrome!

Vashon Naturopath specializing in gastrointestinal and autoimmune disease, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive disorders.


Are you suffering from gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or other digestive complaints?

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A physician dedicated to uncovering your obstacles to wellness.

IBS and Digestive Dysfunction

Unlike other doctors that either tell you that you have to live with it, give you treatments that are ineffective or cause other side effects, I will uncover the root cause of your digestive distress and help you attain both short and long-term relief.

As a result, you will experience relief of your pain and discomfort, the ability to enjoy eating again, and the freedom to live your active life.


Autoimmune Disease

You may have been told by your doctor that there is nothing that you can do other than take powerful pharmaceutical medicines.

Know that there is hope. There are plenty of steps you can take to improve your health!

In addition to genetics, there are a myriad of triggers for autoimmune disease. I will help you explore the possible causes and contributors. Then we’ll address them to help you improve your quality of life, and find some relief.


Deepening Your Care

Because of the complexity of these conditions, it is important to have a doctor caring for you who has extensive knowledge of the triggers of your illness.

There is no one set protocol for any of these conditions. In actuality, being a Naturopathic Doctor, I consider all aspects of my patient’s health, not just his or her condition. I take the time to develop a relationship with my patient, so that I can uncover the root causes of his or her illness.