Treatment Philosophy

At Fern Cove Natural Medicine, I am dedicated to helping you feel well again.

Despite the severity or length of your illness, there is always hope for recovery.

I am committed to walking with you on your personal journey to wellness.  I will strive to always trust in your experience, keeping my mind open to what you are facing and how I can help you.

Health entails much more than the physical aspect.  Our mental, emotional, and spiritual health are often overlooked, when in fact they have a direct correlation to our physical bodies.  We will explore these in addition to the physical causes of your illness.

There is no magic pill for good health.

There are often a number of factors that are contributing to your ill health, and it likely took some time to get where you are today.

Healing takes time and patience, with the idea that there is something to be learned along the healing journey.  When you understand and embrace this, it makes healing more likely to occur and the journey much more enjoyable.

 Each and every one of us has an inherent energy, termed the Vital Force, inside of us that stimulates healing.  I am not the one who is going to heal your body; your Vital Force will do it.

Of course this means that you are playing an active part in caring for yourself, which can be challenging if you are not used to doing this.  But it’s essential for healing to occur.  There are many things that can suppress the vital force, the main one being medications but also thoughts and emotions. We will strive to identify and remove that suppression and stimulate your vital force so that your body can heal.

Naturopathic Medicine is based on 6 main principles:

  • Healing Power of Nature:  Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself once the obstacles to healing have been removed and the body is nourished.  The Vital Force is responsible for this healing.
  • First Do No Harm:  I will utilize treatments that minimize the risk of harmful effects, and apply the least possible force or intervention necessary to diagnose illness and restore health.  I will avoid suppression whenever possible and honor your individual self-healing process.
  • Identify and Treat the Cause:  I will strive to identify the root cause of your illness rather than suppressing the symptoms, which does not lead to cure.
  • Doctor as Teacher:  I will educate, empower, and inspire you to take care of your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Treat the Whole Person:  I recognize that health and disease result from a complex of physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social factors.  I will work with you on each of these elements to treat you as a whole person.
  • Prevention:  I will help you assess your risk factors for future illness and provide appropriate naturopathic treatments when indicated.



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