Biotherapeutic Drainage

Imagine your body as a bucket. All of the negative influences in your life will fill the bucket up. This could be everything from pollution, food allergens/intolerances, medications, infections, emotional traumas, and more.

Now imagine a spigot at the bottom of the bucket that helps to offload the negative influences. That spigot is your liver, digestive tract, lungs, skin, kidneys, and emotions. These organs help our bodies excrete toxins and are called emunctories.

We are all faced with toxins in the world that we live. But toxins are not just from the exterior, our body also produces its own toxins. The body must have the ability to remove both endogenous (made by us) and exogenous (coming from our environment) toxins in order for our health to be optimal.

Biotherapuetic drainage is a system of herbal and homeopathic remedies to help your body remove the toxicity from your bucket by increasing the function of the emunctories. It is a very gentle method of treatment and can be used alongside any other therapies, including pharmaceutical medications.

Biotherapeutic drainage remedies are:

  • UNDA numbers
  • Gemmotherapies
  • Phyto-gens
  • Oligoelements
  • Cell Salts

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If you are looking for a gentle way to support your body’s bucket and relieve you from your symptoms, give us a call at Fern Cove Natural Medicine to initiate Biotherapeutic Drainage.

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